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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What Do You Do When You Err?


I wrote a status – more like a metaphor – on Facebook the other day that said: “Some people dig a hole too deep, realize they can’t move up, & then keep digging deeper trying to find a way out…” The post was understood in two ways despite my adding: “Mistakes become graver eventually …. if you know what I mean….”

Some understood the metaphor as digging within one’s psyche to understand, to heal, or to develop & grow. Once you start plowing the field, you’d want to go further & further. You become either addicted, or entrapped. Many commented on the value of being supported by others along the process. That’s an insightful perspective to look at the process of digging indeed.

Others did connect the digging with making mistakes – which is what I was referring to at the moment. Many cover up a mistake by doing another & protecting the new mistake with yet another. Just like lying once; then covering the lie with more lies.

What I want to highlight, today, is the after-maths of making mistakes. How quickly to you admit those mistakes? How soon do you learn from them? Consider, especially, the biggies – the ones with graver ecological ramifications. Do you persist in denying you’ve done wrong? Or do you change course, apologize to those afflicted, & start a new?

“When you err, there’s always a way to be proud: too proud to admit your mistake, or proud enough to admit having done one.” ~3Ds

You’re not expected to make none. You’re only human not an ostrich who can dig its head in the ground pretending to be safe. You know that’s an illusion…

So what kind of proud do you usually choose? Do you dig further down? That’s hardly the best idea. The antidotes of making a mistake are learning from it, words spoken to rectify, & new actions to proceed (like digging in a new direction). You can always dig diagonally back up, don’t you?

Don’t be too proud to recruit assistance either… Be selective where you dig deeper…

Need a rope? a ladder? or a shovel to arrive & thrive?

Considering the best case scenario always….

Your Personal Coach


  1. October 9, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Always thought provoking questions. I am sure I have taken both approaches during my lifetime. I can’t think of specific examples right now, but I know in my youth I tended to dig myself into deeper holes as I scrambled to cover up things, mostly impulsive actions. I prefer to admit my errors, cut my losses and move on. I think, though, for some people, the most difficult part is admitting their mistakes to themselves–always the first and most important step.


    • October 10, 2013 at 10:39 am

      Yes, indeed 🙂 As we mature, we realize that it’s not really bad to make a mistake. It’s how we learn & grow 🙂
      Many thanks for reading & leaving a comment Iris 🙂 I am way behind on catching up with your own posts 😦 but it’s been crazy lately 😦


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