Meet 3Ds

   Who’s behind “STRIDES”?


 3Ds: Dania Dbaibo Darwish 

                          Life & Career Coach, Counselor, Hypnotherapist,

 Master NLP practitioner, Motivational Speaker & Trainer

A Brief Biography

I successfully transformed my life from a home-stay mom to a full-fledged career woman and became passionate about being there to support those motivated to grow on personal or professional levels. Originally I am a holder of a BBA (1987) from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with hands on 5 years experience in Sales and Marketing at Spinneys – Lebanon. I, then, shifted paths to pursue my Masters in Organizational Psychology (2007) from AUB. In my own journey of personal and professional development, I’ve undergone my training as a psychotherapist at the American University Hospital of Beirut; and additionally acquired certifications as a Professional Coach by the International Coach Academy (accredited by the International Coach Federation), a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master practitioner by the American Board of NLP, and a Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am, also, a published author in the journal of “Applied Psychology: An International Review” (2010).

I have established my own practice of STRIDES previously  “Coaching Your 3Ps” since 2010 and consider having finally “found” myself. My experience as a Psychology instructor at AUB since 2007 paved the way for my becoming the motivational speaker I am today. My excitement to serve others in my community extends to being involved with several NGOs: I am the founding president of the “Lebanese Coach Association” (LCA), a council member of the “World-wide Association Alumni of the American University of Beirut” (WAAAUB), a member of the “Lebanese Psychological Association” (LPA), & a member at large with “Zamanouna” charity committee.

I consider myself, currently, on a mission: “to effect positive change”. That’s why I chose to have multiple roles in the “helping profession”. As a coach, a counselor, a hypnotherapist, and a motivational speaker, I partner with those who are ready to implement constructive changes in their life. Equipped with a positive psychology orientation, I thrive on helping those who feel stuck, are facing maladjustment issues, or those who have maladaptive behavioral or thought patterns. I do believe that we all have great dormant potentials just waiting to be unleashed. I have “walked the talk” and would like to be a “change facilitator” for those who are ready. My own journey of personal & professional progress remains ongoing. I have set many more dreams to fulfill….

 “My vocation is my vacation”

 ~ Mark Twain & 3DS


3Ds Future Vision (for the coming 3 years)


– To be recognized as a successful individual in the helping profession (coach, counsellor, hypnotherapist, & Motivational Speaker);  & remain at the leading edge of personal development.

– To improve my own capabilities & credentials through continuous learning of new self- development techniques.

– To generate a respectable level of income that covers my expenses in running my practice & guarantees:

A) Continuous learning opportunities (attending seminars, buying books, trainings…)

B) Expansion of my small practice to that of a center for personal development

C) Fund free coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy, motivational speaking sessions for individuals and groups that are not financially well-off

– Engage in marketing plans to expand

– After playing a key role in founding the Lebanese Coach Association, move it a step further to form a chapter in Lebanon for the International Coach Federation.

– To positively impact the lives of as many people as possible through day to day interactions & through my own practice.



“In response to those who say stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.”

 ~ Kristian Kan


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