The comments below are written by clients I have provided services to. These testify that I do indeed have a positive influence on those I deal with. I am not running a business here; rather, I am driven by a passion to energize, to facilitate change, and to help others achieve better life satisfaction.

You can also follow the this link to check out testimonials by students I have taught:

  1. Vahideh
    August 29, 2009 at 6:04 am

    Every Coach has it’s own style in supporting it’s coachees,so do Dania .I’ve been Dania’s coachee and I found her a wonderful coach,because of her especial manner of enthusing and kindly listening and accountability,that was great for me to take the journey with her to be more clarified on my goals.I appreciate her and I’m still continuing with her.
    I’m so very thankful of her for clarification she’s given to me.


  2. Dunia
    September 6, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Not only did my coach Dania raise my morale when I was feeling so down, but she helped me reshuffle my priorities.
    she did all that by supporting me and clarifying facts around me. Never did she satisfy me and took a decision for me. She had the patience of listenning and analysing things, so I would come up with the right decision.
    I was going through one hell of a crisis in my life that left me devastated, and I desprately needed a coach. In every session I was regainning a bit of my self confidence. At the end of the 10th session, I was again the strong positive person I used to be.
    Thank you Dania!

    Be patient with me…I will still need your support every now and then…


  3. Elie
    September 29, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    If you’re a student, keep on reading this.
    College can be(and is actually) a HUGE step from your quiet childhood school days.
    The impacts of that change hit so you suddenly, that a high school over-achiever can go as far as being on academic probation in university.(trust me on this one)

    Dania fished me out my old self destructive routines and mind processes. She helped me restructure my habits, prioritize, and supported me all the way to acquire the discipline required to make concrete changes towards a better quality of life.

    When a “stress attack” would come knocking, she was my go-to person. She provided me with all the necessary tools to unlock my full potential as a student particularly and a person in general. And her positive approach helped me go back on track.

    The changes were amazing, and every step was more encouraging for me to take the next.

    If you’re wondering about my current status; Well, I’ve spent my summer semester in a top U.S. university (passed my courses with an 85), I currently have a job at an important Lebanese paper, I am totally focused and sure about what I want to achieve this year. And believe it or not, when you’re sure about your goals, the ways to achieve them start unraveling all by themselves…At least that’s what Dania told me…

    I can’t see where she went wrong 🙂


  4. Nihad Fawzi
    October 13, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Dania is the nicest person I knew in International coach Academy, she was one of the first persons who welcomed me when I posted the first time on the discussion board of ICA, and from her reply I felt her nice spirit, her sense of humor and her positive way of living. I checked her blog and I felt more and more attracted to this very nice and enthusiastic woman, I asked her to be my coach as her peer at ICA and we will start tomorrow. I believe that with her I will become another person and I will make real improvements to my life and my career.
    I will add a new testimonial after I finish with Dania the 12 sessions, to tell you what we have achieved during our coaching journey. :))


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