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Time For Your Mind Gym – What’s The Running Away For?


It’s Sunday! A weekend for most to become in a sort of lazier mode. A time to take a break, sit back to relax, & catch your breath from all the weekday’s running. It’s the much anticipated time to chill….

That would be just a supposition that wouldn’t apply to many. They just wouldn’t sit still. As if no time in the world would be enough to what they want to fulfill….

These could be the high achievers, the burdened with responsibility, or the constantly “pressed with time” folks who need to catch up on leftovers on their agenda, otherwise their productivity goes downhill…

Then again, they could be those folks who simply distract from scary notions by piling up more on their “to do list” to avoid facing distressing emotions, financial constraints, or other matters that stem from good will….

It could also be running away from “harsh realities” that are storm-like speeding the motion of their wind-mill… Is it to digest what they can’t bear, or perhaps an attempt to change their course uphill?

In truth, they’re all running away from something, but in the process they forget that they have an energy tank they need to constantly refill.

“By all means run away somewhere when all seems too overwhelming, but make sure it’s towards having a chill. That would be your best re-energizing pill.” ~ 3Ds

Or would you want to skip the time to rest or reboot just to maintain the thrill? That certainly would leave anyone ill…

So shall we chant it’s “Me time” now like a mantra drill?

Chilling you on Sundays always (with a “suprano” like approach)….

Your Personal Coach


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