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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What Do You Regret?


Regrets…. You’re lucky if you have none; Burdened if you have some; Left completely numb when from multiple sources they come.

Some people avoid feeling “regret” at all costs. They may end up not making any move & drop taking any initiative. Those are prone to stagnate. There are others who just “go for it”… no calculations; No measures for ramifications…. And then, there are those who take calculated risks. & with a lion’s heart, take a leap of faith & hope for the best…

Which category do you best fit? Most people are careful when they make major life shifts. They do all the required math, consider the pros & cons of the new situation, and then make their choice. But what if the results were nothing like their anticipation, or the calculated equation!!?

Naturally, they fall into regret & whip themselves into frenzy with blame, self-loathing, & shame. In retrospect, they forget all the reasons for making their choices when most of these were valid at that time…. It’s true, they could have missed some basic ingredients, but can they, now, undo the past?

“what’s done is done & we cannot easily rectify our earlier choices. We still have today, & all of tomorrows, to ensure being in better places.” ~3Ds

And perhaps you don’t see some ingredients today, just as you didn’t yesterday. More pleasant surprises in your resulting circumstances can be coming your way. All that is required, now, is to decorate your thoughts with FAITH. It never goes out of fashion.

Can you search for the good in what you currently have? Ahhh… those “blind spots” you don’t always see…. but I can detect glipmses swirling about in the unseen….

Need my “torch light”?

Your Personal Coach


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