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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Quickly Do You Forget?


DDD It’s  what it means

Isn’t it both a curse & a blessing how quickly you tend to forget? It’s a curse when you forget good memories; & certainly a blessing to forget hurtful ones. Oh well…. Life isn’t always like that; & at times, you fluctuate between forgetting what you want to remember & remembering what you want to forget.

You push those bad memories away, & like flashbacks, they jump back into your mind’s screen. Like a horror movie, they give you an adrenaline unpleasant rush & your stress hormones peak!! You drop the curtain on that movie screen, but then, somehow… somewhere… the show resumes on that screen…. & sometimes in slow motion to torture you further…

Does this happen to you often? If it does, you may beg to forget; Go great lengths to distract; Try any means to erase the facts. Nothing helps until you vent it out & accept that whatever happened did happen & that, now, you have to adapt. What you resist persists & it will haunt you till you surrender your thoughts against it.

Allow that memory to flow, to come & go. When you talk about it & accept that it’s in the past, you release any accompanying negative emotions. I’m not suggesting you admit that it’s right, nor to deny it all together; Only that it happened & it’s true. Now you need to deal with the facts, or simply live with it if you can’t change anything about it.

Let me share with you this: What bothers you most isn’t the bad memory. “It’s not the words…. It’s not the act…. It’s not what happens… It’s what it all MEANS” ~ 3Ds

So, perhaps to quickly forget, you need to accept it happened & then find a new meaning for the hurt. Now…. what could be a more empowering meaning to that bad memory? What do you need to learn from it? What do you need to do?

It’s all about taking charge after that. Take the wheel Captain… Never look back. There’s seldom anything new back there….

Where will your thoughts sail next? That would be the ultimatum of all your distractions …

Hear yee… Hear yeee: All on board!!! Ship is heading for a better tomorrow …

Only good thoughts iiiiin…..!!!

Your Personal Coach


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