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Time For Your Mind Gym – Who Do You Please?


Most of us attempt to please. You may call it being polite. You may call it keeping ties in good light. And you may call it agreeing in order to avoid a fight. Still, attempting to over-please may come with a lot of dis-ease and eventually disease (see how close these two words are?).

It would feel whenever you’re saying “yes” to them, you’re actually saying “no” to what you truly desire and prefer. It is your own time that you defer to later; and the gap between what you really want to do and what you’re actually doing becomes greater.

Are you, or anyone you know in any similar state? Some would say it’s just “sacrifice” to demonstrate care. Others would consider it a deposit in their “favor bank” that will inevitably return a yield that’s fair.

And perhaps some can’t properly label, name, or coin what they’re doing right. They just drift in the cycle of being the “pleasing type”… With time, they’d be filled with self-spite…

If you think about it, “There’s a difference between being pleasant and being pleasing. The latter comes with a lot of self-teasing.” ~ 3Ds

It doesn’t mean you’re disrespecting others when their request you decline. It’s about respecting yourself enough to ensure that in the end you’ll be fine.

All you have to do is give a pleasant “no” by offering an explanation to why you can’t this time. Perhaps assign another date to better accommodate. It really is no crime.

These are fine lines we ought to learn to navigate. Anyone for a “self” website profile update?

Let’s tinker with that magic wand to get it straight…

Yes pleaaaaaase?


Your Personal Coach


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