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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What’s Your Best Disguise?


“Remove that mask you’re wearing gently & let me explore your real face for a while!!” That would be a scary statement that could freak anyone out (especially if there were no mask to start with). Many would rather remain disguised; & removing the mask may be a horrendous task. It’s too much to ask….

Let’s be frank: don’t we all, from time to time, wear a mask to hide our true state, to save face, to be accepted, or be embraced? But you’d probably hate it when you suspect the pretense some people assume. And when you discover what they’re hiding, you’re set into rage & fume.

You wouldn’t easily forgive their making you feel like a fool & mistake your kind-heart with someone who drools. “Caution” becomes your new rule; & vigilance with suspected multi-faced people becomes your new tool. You learn, the hard way, what you never did in school…

With repeated unwelcome experiences, you become talented at reading people well & that could be both a curse & a blessing. Discovering others’ malicious intentions, lo and behold, can be all too distressing; & when frequent enough, it renders you all too paranoid & fussing…

We justify our own disguise & condemn it when we detect it in others. Truth is, such self-serving acts are adaptive forms that can bring one both: haters & lovers. And once you learn to dig for the “good” in the “bad”, any precipitating hurt inflicted by others slowly recovers…

Everyone has good reasons to slip into a disguise. At least, the “good” is what rests before their eyes; not what you prefer or prize. Love or hate, eventually, will rule what you hold for any relationship as it matures & as you become all too wise.

In the end, “Of all the lies I hear, of the entire disguise I see, I find those reflecting one’s life being trouble-free most appealing.” ~ 3Ds

 It’s a sign of strength never to reflect your problems on those you meet; & that nasty disguise of those who cheat reflects that they’re only weak … so to speak… Which mask do you wear each week?

Kind moves Move Mountains … so do kind thoughts & intentions…

Now push…. in the right direction….

With multifaceted Love,

Your Personal Coach


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