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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What Do You Believe In?



If you consider what you believe in, you’ll find that that your beliefs are varied – no denying. Some beliefs limit your progress in life; while other empowering beliefs guide you to keep striving, to keep thriving, and allow your confidence stunt-flying. Both mainly rely on the past conquered experiences, or whatever you have failed trying.

Then there are those beliefs whose source you cannot easily fathom. They come in the form of just feeling “trusting”, having a hunch,  “gut feeling”,  intuition, or simply having “faith” that’s undying.

Those, too, can come in two types: that “good feeling”; and that “not so good”. You know something beyond you is taking good care of your life course; that things will eventually unfold in line with your wishful source; and that the power of the unseen is right beside you and is backing you up full force. Whether you have the channels open for these, or not is a different story of course.

Those “good feeling” beliefs are quite a blessing, but those “not so good feeling” beliefs pave their way alarming you to stop, to shift gears, or to take caution as to avoid remorse. How many times have you tried hard to hush their voice? How many times have you ignored their persistent banging upon your inner psychic doors?

“The reason we choose what we believe in is based largely on our needs. This in turn depends on what your psyche feeds and repeats.” ~3Ds

You hold on onto selected beliefs by choice. All serve a purpose the end of which is not necessarily filled with rejoice. They hum loud and low orchestrating your life show…

Inspired, discouraged, stuck behind bars, or having only motivated thought, your beliefs push you, or pull you to do, or do not. Those which win are those you eventually pay attention to a lot….

And you may get tempted to ignore the screaming of your “gut feeling” and still choose to believe what may not be true, but in the end the truth prevails; and you’ll know that you knew more than you think you knew…. Give it time sunshine; don’t rush it through…

I have hunch you’ve read this all the way through (hehehe 🙂  ok, it’s more than a hunch) :). And by the way, having a bad hunch doesn’t necessarily become true that much…

Having faith always in your choices and world view…

Your Personal Coach


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