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Your “Mind Gym” – How Are The News Like?


If you’re the type who constantly follows up on TV News, then you’re the type who’s constantly showered with doses of negativity. By the time you’ve had enough, you can expect to hear about few good news of “wins” here or there.

Same thing happens if you read the newspaper. Negativity…Negativity… Negativity…. And then finally some good news (perhaps in the sports page). And again by the time you’re there, the good News are barely noticed.

Global News eventually have their impact on your own, don’t they? Perhaps I am one among many who stopped attending closely to that barrage of negativity. I’d like to pay attention to those News within my reach – the closest of which are my own. Feels familiar?

So many times, our own bad news witness their own barrage as if their flood gates sprung wide open. And we stop paying attention to the good news here or there (just like those global news we get from TV & the Newspaper).

And so often, we receive bad news just when we are rejoicing good ones. Then you “wonder why good news are frequently off-set by bad news shortly after. Think again… it could simply be working the other way round.” ~3Ds

It seems that we get programmed to focus on the bad news. These attract our attention more than the good ones; and we grow to give these more time & more energy (just like the TV & the Newspaper). And then, no energy is left to appreciate the good ones. But what if we focus instead that good news are coming after the bad ones? Does that trigger an “A-HA” moment?

Here’s some BREAKING NEWS then: it’s all like a game of hide & seek. Good News are here & there…. hiding everywhere…. They’re all within your reach…. Of course, you still have to reach 😉

Let’s make that our new default setting…. Capiche?

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