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Time for Your “Mind Gym” – What Brings You Down?


Feeling up or down is part of your fabric. Your thoughts, behaviors, other people, & surrounding circumstances fuel your going up or down that emotional roller coaster.

Unless you’re the depressive type, I am sure you enjoy the more elated states. You see practically everything in rosy glasses. You feel alive.

When you’re feeling down, you see only the dark. Even your shadow leaves you. You get less productive. Life makes no sense.

And you may keep fluctuating between the two poles depending on the factors with greater influence (i.e. your thoughts, your behaviors, other people, or surrounding circumstances).

It’s okay if you do. It means you’re human. But it’s not okay to leave yourself in those down states way too long. They wear you out. They bring you totally down.

I always thought: “The only thing I’ll ever allow to bring me down is the elevator.” ~3Ds

Nothing has the power to keep you in the gutter if you don’t allow it. And by no means am I suggesting you live in denial that life gave you a blow.

But it makes a difference if you kept yourself in the low for long. Soon enough, you’ll realize the only way out is back up again.

Shoulders up, Chin up, repeat after me:

The only thing I’ll ever allow to bring me down is the elevator… or the stairs for that matter 🙂 🙂

Hit “REPLAY”!! Make it your new “Mantra” 🙂

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