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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Do You Face Uncertainty?


Uncertain times come knocking on your door sometimes; and threats to major life components just barge in at other times …

It’s, perhaps, this uncertainty that mostly induces anxiety and distress over what can come next. “How will the future be like?” you wonder.

When what’s coming next seems so unsure, and you feel so insecure, you may consider only two options:
– Wait for things to happen and then respond to accommodate. Get stressed in anticipation meanwhile….
– Or keep planning your life as before , do what you’re used to doing, and deny that external powerful circumstances may eventually lead you to a dark place.

But wait…. there’s a third alternative to go about it. Consider the “waiting time” a chance to do what you never had the time to do before the overwhelming uncertainty barged in. To feel more in control, change anticipation into having plan “A”, “B”, “C”,… Build walls of defense to combat incipient feelings of stress. And affiliate with those facing similar uncertainty, or ask for assistance.

“When excessive uncertainty seems to rule, it’s no use to wait, or deny its existence. It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate resistance” ~3Ds

And then …. with uncertainty comes change. How do you know that this change will be to the worse after all? You may be surprised when you find yourself, eventually, in a better place. Yes, it happens…

Forks in the road teach us how to gallop. Sticks in the wheels teach us how to fly….

Some enjoy and even seek gravity resistance….

Trampolining with you 😉 Eeeee-Haaaaa!

Your Personal Coach


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