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Time For Your Mind Gym – How Do You Use Your body?

I’ve got something new for you today. Some “physical home/gym” tips to top your “mind gym”. How would you like it if I suggested you use your body to feel confident, to be empowered, to be happy, or energetic? Oh yes! You can use your body to change your mental or emotional states in ways you’ve never thought of before. Would you like to explore?

Just few minutes of changing your posture has a great impact on hormonal secretions in your body or brain. Give it a go now & see its positive impact on your strain.

To feel empowered & confident: get your body into “power poses” to produce “testosterone” (the dominance hormone):

– Sit like a boss right now: put your hands with fingers crossed behind your head & cross your legs up on a table in front of you.


– Ok, now stand up feet astride & hands on hips like “superman” or “wonder woman”. You can shift to put your finger tips on a table in front of you & lean slightly forward as if you’re addressing an audience.Image

– Sit back on your couch with an open posture (legs slightly apart with arms & elbows open beside you).

To feel happy: put a pencil horizontally between your teeth making your lips stretch wide open in a smile & bite on it (your brain will interpret your evoked facial expression as you’re smiling & happy). The “happy neurotransmitters” get secreted in your brain & eventually you will be even happier.


 To energize yourself: Do several jumps (perhaps to the sound of music). These jumps release the toxins in your body that could have been precipitating the fatigue.

To feel more relaxed: Make sure you’re not reading this from your mobile with a closed posture. This would increase “cortisol” (the stress hormone) in your body. If you’re reading this from a computer, open up your body to get “testosterone” levels up (it also enhances your creativity). An open posture is more receptive to new ideas.

So what did you apply? What did you feel? How will you use your body from now on?

It’s been said “fake it till you make it”, but with repetition, & when dealing with all life situations, what you repeatedly do, you eventually become…..

Show “you” what you can do… The show has just begun…

Yeh? Did you say “you” won???

Celebrating with “you”…

Your Personal Coach


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