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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – Which Battles Do You Fight?


Doesn’t it seem to you that you’re in the middle of a war zone facing several other fronts all the time? You wage a battle here to face a problem & unknowingly get attacked there by yet another issue from behind; & then all the fields are on fire when it’s the least you aspire…

Battles drain all soldiers (brave or not); and whether you’re self-selected or recruited to engage in a fight, you’re more prone to be in the quagmire even if you win, at last. with a grin. Major & minor challenges eventually exert their toll therein…

Back to my main question: Which life battles do you fight? You know… the ones you choose (not dragged into)? The old adage “choose your battles wisely” is so handy if you are to have energy to stand straight & not succumb to just any bait….

Matters of the heart leave you weakest; & therefore, any battles in that direction have a spill over reflection on everything else you do. No wonder you’d go great lengths in overprotection of what you most cherish & behold dear.

Your heart, & what’s in it, may be the reason for the most daunting battles you lead. They’re loaded with your emotions. The question is: Is all “what’s in it” rightly placed? Sometimes, “what’s in it” is just misplaced & perhaps the right battle ought to be to have it replaced….

“Not all things we place in our heart are worth the fight. The fiercest battles would be to extract some out of sight & fit in only what’s right.” ~3Ds

Downsize their importance, shrink their dominance, re-shuffle your priorities, & leave like a knight. That’s the better way to change your plight!

Choose to place instead new things, people, or goals to pursue. All it takes is one firm decision & some determined intention to follow through….

Label this time “Heart Under Constructions”, commander, & give your instructions…

Basic plan ready at hand? Let’s make the new one grand!!! 🙂

Your Personal Coach


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