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Time for Your “Mind Gym” – How’s Your Balance Sheet Like?



I’d like to pay a tribute to that little “accountant” in you, today; and I randomly chose this one from long lists. Yes, you may not have noticed that part in you doing all sorts of calculations each time you choose, but that part of you exists. It hides at the corner of your mind; speaking in high and low pitch. In various decision-making it assists.

That little accountant keeps semi-invisible balance sheets issued when there’s a need; and instantly upon request. If you examine all issues that you previously addressed, you’d find that you directly or indirectly weighed pros and cons to find answers for your action-taking quests.

The cost-benefit assessment thought process is rarely an uninvited guest. It is what we do when we’re mostly distressed. Try something different, give up a pursuit, or persist until you attain your goal are but a few dilemma that could have made your mind unrest.

Pick and choose any area in your life: your job, your romantic relationship, your friends, a project you’re working on, or any other feat…. All would not get resolved without resort to that guiding balance sheet. Go on…. Bring it forward from its back-seat. Review the account of each in terms of pleasure versus pain; loss versus gain; compliments versus complaints; latitude versus restraints. What sort of a picture does that accountant paint?

“Knowingly or not, when you assess and decide, your mind runs a balance sheet script. It could be that last well-thought of entry that triggers a 180 degrees flip.” ~3Ds

Don’t forget to include the long term effects. Remember, as well, to consider other human ecological complications and defects. If these are difficult to calculate, use a lump sum as an estimate.

You may need to re-examine and exhaust all “givens” when your balance sheet shows a dilemma par. And if you remain stuck, flip a coin to allow fate to be your guiding star….

After all, and despite some previous erroneous operations, that little accountant in you is gaining expertise by the minute for all balance sheet consultations. It will continue to do all calculations for future situations.

Oh…. and perhaps you need to cross out any fear factor entry because it’s usually loaded with flaws…. It never was, or will be, a motivator to any worthy cause…..

Sending your little accountant a big round of applause,

Your Personal Coach


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