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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Did You Self-Brand So Far?


You most certainly are familiar with different brands (i.e. Apple, Nike, Porsche, Nokia,…). Each was marketed through different means & attracted loyal customers (or not for that matter).

We, humans, similarly market ourselves; Not to customers necessarily, but to other people around us. We create an impression, an image, & a memory; thus, stirring up a specific set of emotions in others at our sight (or even if it was only our name mentioned).

Some people don’t give self-branding the conscious effort consumer commodities are given. They are not aware of how they’re self-branding, but they are branding themselves, by the minute, anyway.

You may say: “I don’t care what other people think”, but in the end, you’re there living with these very people. I challenge you, now, to consider how you’d like to self-brand (that is if you haven’t yet). Ask yourself:

– What do others say is my greatest strength, or outstanding trait?

– How do I stand out from the crowd?

– What is my emotional impact?

– What am I most proud of?

– How would I like to be remembered?

“The emotion we stir in others, the impression we leave… is a brand we achieve. Let’s attend to better self-branding. Roll up your sleeve & weave.” ~3Ds

Some 7 billion is your target to eventually impress what you preconceive … Act as if they’re all watching…

I can’t hear you…. Speak up, buttercup 🙂

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