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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Well Have You Fulfilled Last Year’s Self-Promises?

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It gives me the chills when I consider that this is my last post for this year. Oh boy, time flew by real fast; and to realize that there are things pending still on my 2014 to-do-list makes me almost shed a tear. How did that happen when I know and practice what I preach about principals of high productivity? How is it possible to be so clear about my yearly resolutions and still fail to perform despite my relentless activity?

At this moment in time, I empathize with myself just like I do with my clients. I certainly was not “wasting” time. That’s more like pseudo-science. Urgent situations came up and necessitated my dealing with rising tension. New opportunities surfaced and required my attention. Some projects were too overwhelming, so I deferred some and put others to suspension.

No, I wasn’t slacking off during the past year. I was, rather, engaged in re-shuffling my priorities based on situational pressing demands. At different times, I found myself exploring novel life territories and adapting to unknown lands.

Yes, I did my best to accommodate without totally losing focus of my principal mission. I truly did maintain an eye on my guiding life vision. Yearly new resolutions are ideal when coupled with a clear plan to accomplish and move toward; and it’s perfectly okay to continuously consider their feasibility, be flexible with some, forget about others, and add a few new with greater reward. Can you similarly assess how much on that to-do-list you’ve scored?

My earlier plans were not meant to be engraved in stone. We have to keep in mind that a martyr cannot do much in a combat zone. It’s like we’re in a battle field out there and we need to remain vigilant to any upcoming rival; and in the end, allow no defeat to be ever final. Adjust the sails when the wind blows; slow down the wheels upon surfing the slopes; and fly higher when the sky is clear and before it, again, heavily snows.

At the verge of a new year, I cannot but give thanks and acknowledgement to how far I have, till now, reached. I would like to silence my inner critic for a while and resist the temptation to self-reprimand. These only leave me painfully impeached.

In my last note for this year, I am calling your attention to differentiate between excuses you may have for leaving things undone and truly exploring reasons for things you haven’t begun. I, hereby, call on you to focus NOT on the losses of the past year, but on all the gains you’ve gradually acquired my dear…

Next year will similarly be like a game of hide and seek. The good and the bad things will remain to bubble and squeak. And aren’t those what flavor life with its special mystique?

Wishing you a new year filled with earned success and best of fortune…

Your Personal Coach (who favors forward motion)



Time For Your Mind Gym – How Will You Tailor The New Year (2014)?


Another year unfolds & a new year prepares to be rolled. How will you tailor it? What shape will you make it? What color will you choose for it?

Such questions & more can make you realize the many powers you have within. Despite everything, you have the power of choice, the power of decision, & the power to select how you can spend your life at every moment, each day, every single month, culminating eventually in years with plenty of – pleasant or not – souvenirs.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current path so far, will you shift gears? Make new resolutions that lead to eventual “high fives” & cheers? Or will you decide on nothing? Defer what you’re truly wanting? Hope that any problem you face just disappears?

You wouldn’t want to end the coming year – in retrospect – disgruntled or with tears? I’m not just preaching you make New Year’s resolutions today for future repairs. Keep reading. The following lines will sound like music to your ears:

If it’s not so obvious to you, please be reminded that: You are special in so many ways; that people around you marvel at your every gaze; that you were doing your best so far to love, to give, to progress despite any fears…

You’ve ventured into the unknown repeatedly & demonstrated heroic acts to transcend hardships frequently. All angels heard you sing your pains. They’ve seen you dance to your joys & gains.

All Earthlings value your presence for these reasons, & all coming seasons, so capitalize on becoming yet another legend in your own special way… if I may say …

Please remember: you remain armored with abilities to stretch some more, to dig into your solid core, & to leave your hallmark wherever you go in the coming years….

Perhaps it’s during the year 2014 that the fable about you will finally be written. Can you start dreaming how you’ll unleash what you keep hidden?

Com’on start your new design. Make the coming year the best year in your life so far…  Twinkle twinkle like a little big star…. I will be cheerleading from afar….

Your Personal Coach & Co-designer


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