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Time for Your “Mind Gym” – Who’s Your Hero?


heroYou meet new people all the time, but move closer to some selected few. Some strike you as really outstanding – more like “heroes” who’ll save you in some way. Like magnet, they attract you with their most amazing qualities. Then, you find yourself seeking them in every possible way.

When that happens, it reflects something about you. You either want that person to bring out something in you, or you want to be like that other person. It’s not only about having them for company.

Think about your heroes for a moment. What do you appreciate most about each?

This is what you (probably) have missing. You may start modeling that person (with or without conscious attention). You may start wearing their mind. You may start walking in their shoes. They inspire your thoughts & influence actions.

“Your ‘inspiring hero’ gives you the idea of what you need to become. Your ‘ideal hero’ helps you become just that & that’s only YOU.” ~ 3Ds

It has been said that the best helping hand you’ll ever find is that at the end of your own arm; and that you can’t push anyone up the ladder unless they move their feet frequently upwards.

It, therefore, boils down to using your brain, senses, hands, & feet…. your whole body, if I may say…. to become another hero – even better – & inspire another…

No one WILL do it for you. No one CAN do it for you…

You’re a walking magic wand, precious…. You’re the best “Hero” there is….

Get moving “Hun”:) Wo-ho… Careful where you point that thing 🙂

Your #1 fan & Personal Coach



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