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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Do You Use Your Imagination?



Are you aware of how you use your imagination? Have you unwrapped, yet, your gift of visualization? This is just a reminder of a powerful tool many misuse or forget to use. Most negative states are partly maintained through mentally replaying horrible scenes. Most fears are retained through imagining scary predictions of the unforeseen.

But what if we alter the contents of those pictures or movie displayed on our internal mental screen? How would it feel like if we were to imagine better outcomes and unleash the power of our inner creativity machine? All limitations, obstacles, and unmet needs were always the inspiration for creative ways to survive, to thrive, and to fulfill certain dreams.

Most Olympic athletes relied on visualization to create successful moves before performance so that winning is granted faster. Arnold Schwarzenegger imagined, since childhood, his becoming Mr. Universe and eventually becoming an actor. Walt Disney, similarly, used what he called “imagineering” to create his entertainment empire gradually after.

And if we really think about it, how do you explain our eventually enjoying the TV, the radio, or phone calls to a remote location? Someone somewhere used their imagination till they actualized its manifestation. The end result was the luring initial temptation.

Ideas of all major inventions did not remain in one’s brain hiding as a seed. They were nourished with active attempts to fulfill specific needs. Trial and error initiatives to make things happen are part of the process till one succeeds. One tool mostly used from inception till the end is creating images of how any restriction one ought to transcend.

To start with, give it some thought as to how you can be happier. “There’s a lot of power in simply imagining a better life filled with bliss. Many often miss to visualize exactly just “how” to effect this.” ~3Ds

Your mind cannot differentiate between what’s imagined and what’s real. It is no secret that visualization automatically changes how you feel…

You can reinvent your future, relax your body, energize it, or imagine succeeding on any interesting goal.

Use your creative imagination as your positive outcome visual control…

With or without Your Personal Coach


PS. You can watch me demonstrating “Guided Visualization” as a stress-busting tool live on LBC here:

Your “Mind Gym” – What Makes You Dream?


Yes, you may wonder what makes you have those random dreams as you sleep at night. Most theories around that suggest unconscious processing of information stored in that mysterious brain of yours. You may forget, or remember these when you wake up; and they can affect, or not, the rest of your day.

I’m interested, today, in reminding you of those dreams you orchestrate during your day willingly & through your own imagination: Your “Day Dreams”.

The good news about these is that they do remain within your control. Day dreams have more magical power in affecting the rest of your day. You are more aware of these. You do remember these.

How are your day dreams like? Do these fuel the flames of fear and anxiety of the worst possible future scenarios of your current life concerns? Are these a re-play of old distressing scenes in your Oscar winning “My Life Movie” of messed-up events?

Or are these scenarios pleasant enough to take you to “La La Land” on an instant vacation? Re-visit an exciting beautiful memory perhaps? Or a construction of attractive dreams that motivates you into creating your better self? Those you envision as goals with a deadline kind of dreams?

“The day dreams your mind TOYS around with can send you to Heaven, or Hell. Let’s PLAY the game of day dreaming a brighter future”. ~3Ds

In the present moment: Your conscious mind is the referee of two opposing players: one will lift you higher; the other drowns you lower. Be fair!

Your choice of day dreams is the maestro of the heart-felt music that either nourishes your soul, or sucks-up your life energy. Stand tall!

Your selection of the scenes you play in your mind’s eye of that “My Life Movie” will be good or bad entertainment. Be a good Director!

What would you like to live in this very moment? Close your eyes now, and press “PLAY”….

Happy dreaming…. 🙂

Your Personal Coach


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