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Time For Your Mind Gym – Who Do You Compliment?


Do you notice yourself complimenting others often high and low?
Is it in your system to acknowledge the good qualities in people you know?
Do you care to make it your style to spread positive vibes everywhere you go?

If your answer is yes, yes, & yes to the above, then you surely are the ROCKIEST company to be with. It’s no fun to be with someone who’s emotionally neutral; Worse still if you’re constantly with someone who puts you down.

Surely you know at least one person who sees & says the good in you when no one else pays attention; The kind of person who’s always upbeat, cheerful, & positive in every possible way. You know, one whose speech bathes you with confidence even after they go away.

Wouldn’t it be “cool” if you were that kind of person in other people’s lives? Praise others at every chance; Trigger their good feelings at first glance; Raise their thoughts to an uplifting trance.

It’s like most people have become “praise misers” these days. They keep positive comments locked in safe & spend only random thoughts, what’s necessary, or their negative appraise. Be the exception; Be that outlier; Praise what no other perhaps says.

“A sincere compliment holds a lot of power just like the mesmerizing effects of a positively stated phrase. It could be the only nice thing others hear for long daunting days.” ~ 3Ds

That’s “why” compliments are vital. Back to the main question now: “Who” do you compliment? Is there anyone in specific who’s more entitled? Not reall. It’s all inclusive: Your partner, sibling, waiter, colleague, or idol…. Make no exception even of your rival.

You ask “how”? Start a cycle; Start an epidemic; …. Program your thoughts to see the good; Rephrase your speech as much as you could… Make sure you’re well understood….

It all comes back for your own good. And soon enough, they’ll be shooting a ROCK-umentary about you wearing that magical flattery hood…

Keep ROCKing as you’re talking…. In your traces, others will be walking…

Before I leave, I’d like to relay a message the universe wants you to believe: :You’re incredibly charming…” 🙂

There… That cycle is just starting….

So who’s your lucky target? Next pleaaaase …. 🙂

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