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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – How Do You Use Your Shell?

STRIDES (previously Coaching Your 3Ps: Personal & Professional Progress)


No, I am not basing the above question on the mere assumption that you have a shell to start with. You do have a shell you often hide in on your own, retreat to in tough times, or coil up in and prepare to reboot your system.

It is that private space that you seek; the personal bubble you protect. It is transparent to the ordinary eye, but becomes quite obvious with excessive use.

Your shell can be as hard and impermeable as that of a turtle. When threatened, the turtle totally withdraws inside. It is a natural defense mechanism to be safe rendering it, indeed, much protected.

You can create your shell in your mind’s eye and become more aware of it. Observe the patterns… When do you go in there most?

Do you notice that you’re in “hiding” most of the time? ALERT!! No movement; no progress. No…

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  1. August 31, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    I hope I am not commenting twice but don’t see the one I just made. I apologize in advance if I am. Dania, you always manage to teach and heighten awareness in a fresh and enjoyable way, so your teaching is never heavy-handed. I am looking at my :shell” in a new way. Yes, I have one–always have. It has, for the most part, served me well, as a place of respite and recharging, a place of quiet and comfort. Sometimes this shell to climb into has indeed held me back. Now I will pose questions to myself about why I am crawling into that shell. Heightened awareness is good for us all.


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