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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What Are You Resisting?

gain pain

Have you wondered about the nature of what you often resist? These perhaps fall into two kinds: what’s good for you and what’s bad. You can resist specific things, people, and behaviors, or other things that fall in the more abstract.

 Resisting change, temptation, advice, power, beliefs, or new fads can be such notions. All may include both elements that harm you, or lead to your self-promotion. Many times, and if you have the inclination, resisting any of these can entail using a lot of energy coupled with unrelenting maintenance of emotions. It requires a steal-like mental set and persistent action steps to push and never surrender forward motion.

It has been said: “What you resist persists; what you embrace dissolves”. To me, the case neither applies generally, nor does it predominantly exists. It all depends on what you are resisting and what the target involves. There’s great value in accepting what we can’t change. That one is true…. but there’s, also great value in being stubborn and persisting on what’s good for you…

If I were to argue further, wouldn’t you, now, resist stagnating, feeling weak, being disempowered or ridiculed, ignorance, and the kind? Surely if these dominate lead you to having a restless heart and an un-quieted mind….

To resist your own evolution, is to keep yourself in chains. What you need to persist at is your own growth domains. You probably resist, most, the pain that comes with prospective gains. If you ignore the discomfort that comes with changing to the better, only focus on the rewards remains.

“Ironically what brings us great gain can be, at the same time, the source of grave pain.” ~3Ds

Isn’t that why you may resist initiating the move? It’s simple. You’re not focused enough on how you’ll improve. Just boost up your positive emotions; and make sure the negative ones you remove…

The game, hence, becomes rigged in your favor (eh, with a check-mate kind of move…)

Will you, now, get into the groove?

With your Personal Coach


  1. August 10, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Nice post! You always challenge us (Readers) in a good way, you make us turn the wheels in our brains to keep them from rusting. Thank you. To do this in a post is not easy but to do it in such a clever way, as you always do, is admirable. Thanks!


    • August 11, 2014 at 6:39 am

      Iris, my dearest Iris 🙂 🙂 what would I do without your continuous encouragement? You surely make a difference on this blog 🙂 many thanks for your kind words 🙂 You make me RESIST the idea of giving up writing here. I minimized it to twice a month, but that’s the lowest frequency I believe is acceptable to stay in the loop of writing 🙂
      Thanks again for making the time to catch up 🙂


      • August 11, 2014 at 1:57 pm

        I do enjoy reading your blog, and always take something away. I get behind in my reading sometimes, though. I sure wish there were an answer for how to increase our readership.Maybe a few guest posts for those who have bigger followings?


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