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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What Have You Become?

what you becomeYou may not notice it, but you carry the “baggage” of all past years in different ways – just like the rest of us. Every choice you take; every move you make is colored by many baggage components. You can be aware of your baggage in few instances, but – most other times – these remain highly unconscious.

The person you are today is a result of your accumulated past when you think about it. The baggage I’m referring to, here, is not necessarily unresolved issues you piled up bit by bit. It is part of what you eventually and slowly become. Off your shoulders, these may be hard to split. You are whatever experiences you continue to permit.

Some people carry a heavier baggage than others. They’d be slow to walk all paths and wonder when one passing fellow saunters. When some exhibit confidence in their destination, those with heavy baggage wander. They don’t know that they need to pause and get rid of those heavier weights along their life journey from time to time. How else can the climb to being a better person be made lighter and in line?

It is a basic need to know that you’re growing, maturing, and evolving. I stress, here, the psychological need that feeds you to succeed into becoming a wiser person today more than ever; in continuously transforming your life to the better; in surpassing hardship, in galloping over obstacles, and in setting worthy endeavors.

“The person you become is a result of what you learn, unlearn, or fail to learn.” ~ 3Ds

It is within your reach to learn new ways of being. Of course you still have to reach.

It is to your advantage to unlearn the negative effects of earlier adversity. Of course you still have to manage future uncertainty.

It is your choice to be a student of life even if you held a hardship PHD degree. Of course no matter how much it educates you, for life, you remain a student of life. Don’t you agree?

By all means, become that improved version you aspire. It’s easy to learn the “how”s of what you desire. For a start, dump any unnecessary baggage, then, start your quest and inquire…

With Your Personal Coach


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