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Time For Your “Mind Gym” – What’s That Voice In Your Head Like?


If you know me well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard my voice as you read these words, but generally you’re more likely to hear your own voice making the speech. This makes me wonder whether you ever notice your self-talk as you you go about living your days, facing different situations, and how you eventually address each.

That voice in your head is so powerful with astounding effects in case you didn’t know. If you listen carefully, you’ll find it can be harsh and critical, or gentle and encouraging as a general flow. Either way, it can turn out like a depressing or inspiring talk-show. What default option have you set its mode to undergo? Do you know that it is YOU who’s initiated such programming perhaps some time ago?

There’s a difference between a self-talk that goes like this: “YOU IDIOT! YOU’LL NEVER LEARN TO DO THINGS RIGHT!”, or this: “Let’s see, honey, how can you handle this next time about?”… A huge difference… Especially if you knew that words written in capslock are meant to be shout… The impact results in divergent outcomes akin to that produced by parents guiding their child, no doubt…

My challenge for you, today, is to start becoming more observant of that voice in your head. Pay attention to your choice of words, the tone, the pitch, the volume; in general, the “how” things to yourself are said. You can be filling yourself up with compassion, all the time, or with continuous dread….

“That voice in your head may act like a bully debunking your every move, or a gentle critic guiding your every move.” ~ 3Ds

The good news is that this voice can be fully controlled unlike people around you who just can’t direct well their blabber. Even when they go away, you keep listening to yourself all along for that matter; and whatever emotional state you end up in, each time, results from that mental chatter…

Pain, hope, self-esteem, love, or hate are but a few outcomes of that self-talk. It is one of the determinants of every life path you could possibly walk…

You can start changing the course of history each moment with that internal chime. How about we get busy reaching the sublime all the time?

Just for the record: you can always choose to self-cheer like your own personal coach…

With your Personal Coach


  1. June 22, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    What a great post, Dania! My voice has been known to speak in tongues that even I couldn’t decipher, but over time, I have learned to make my messages to me more clear, more positive, and more helpful, and to stop damning myself (Most of the time, that is). I wish that for all of your readers (There are probably more than you know, though I wish more of yours and mine would take the time to comment and let us know they are there once in a while!). The world provides the majority of us with enough critical voices to surround us, so we don’t need to add our own to the “symphony”.


    • June 23, 2014 at 6:20 am

      hehehe 🙂 yes, sure there enough critical voices out there Iris 🙂
      Thanks again for reading and commenting Iris 🙂
      flying back home after a great 10 days vacation in a while. It was a good break to disconnect from most (although I managed to write this post while at it) 🙂 🙂


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