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Time for Your Mind Gym – Are a Victim or a Victor?


We all face repeated tests on our life journey & oscillate between succeeding and failing at different times. And don’t you wish life came with instructions, or map? At least you could get prepared for those tough “drop quizzes” that appear like try-outs measuring your strength, wisdom & the like ….

All that testing can come at a dizzying speed so many times; and you may find yourself facing constant detours & dead ends in that maze. And surely since you’re human, you can get discouraged by repeated roadblocks & setbacks….

It can, also, feel as if you’re in a boxing match, getting knocked-down – one blow after another. Still, you’re never really defeated when you fall until you refuse to get up!

Have you ever noticed that in your head, two voices may compete? One says: rise up & fight back; The other says: let me stop giving a damn!!

Pleaaaase, shut that latter voice up. It wants you to play “victim” when what you really deserve is to be a “victor” of it all….

“Victims surrender responsibility for life to lead the way. Victors, really, pave the way even if they went astray!” ~3Ds

The road to victory is not at all straight. You have a third voice that whispers the right directions. It’s called your “gut feeling” & knows the better route….

Turn the volume louder for that! Fine-tune its wave length as you proceed! Turn that volume up, as well, for that self-coach voice yelling: “Fight back!! Fight back!!”

Put your seat-belt on & let the navigation BEGIN!! Steer the wheels!! Turn the music on!! Oh, and don’t forget to check: which volume is up again?

Wishing you a victorious ENDING Champ!! 🙂

Your Personal Coach


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