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Are You Often Criticized?


If you’re often criticized, then that’s good. It means you’re moving, you’re actually doing something, & you’re surrounded by people. Well perhaps not the most encouraging people, but criticism gives you information (about you, or about them).

How do you receive that criticism? Do you get infuriated? Hurt? Or perhaps bitter? Lash out in defense? Or do you really listen before responding & assess if there is any kernel of truth to what’s been said?

You would be really lucky if you were criticized by well-meaning others. This is more like feedback that helps you grow. Even if criticism came with malicious intent, it can point to areas you need to work on, so never discount what’s been said. You’ll hear a lot of truths that describe you from both friend & foe.

Now, what if you were often criticized by someone just for the sake of it? This is when it tells more about them. Some people are programmed to think in terms of “contrast”. They can’t help but jump to consider the alternative that’s not working. Others, feel so “low” deep inside that, to them, the only way to feel “high” (better) is to bring others down. Just accept this truth: it’s more about them & draw your boundaries.

All are conveying something to you, so listen with your heart. And remember: “The brighter your light, the more you’ll attract both moths & butterflies. You’d put the moths in captivity if you focus on the butterflies’ activity”.

Wouldn’t you rather hear more words of acknowledgement instead? Let’s face it! Most people are stingy on “praise”; abundant in criticism…

Let’s start a new wave. Praise more often. Make others feel good & see how good YOU, in turn, will feel… Notice the good & highlight it. Wouldn’t you rather be a butterfly….?

I’m starting a “butterfly effect” now…. YOU ROCK!….

Did you hear that? All hail 🙂

Your Personal Coach


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