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Are you Getting Prepared?




If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’re still living 🙂 but how are you doing that? Is this is the optimal life you dream of living? Or could you make your life better still? How would you like your next life phase to be like? What would you like to see changed?

I ask a lot of questions, I know, but it is exactly these kinds of questions that help you be a better version of yourself. There’s a difference between being a spectator to your life & actually participating in it fully; and to maximize on life’s experience, one needs to learn from the past, live the present moments, & plan for a better future.

Yes, the ability to plan is a gift we possess within our biological make-up. Getting prepared to achieve our desired goals is integral to succeeding in any endeavor. It would take a long time to reach any destination without a “road map” – that is if you arrive there at all….

So, back to those questions I, usually, ask. Why don’t you take some time to answer the following? After all, it’s your “Mind Gym” time & you need to exercise your mental muscles:

  1. What’s – at least – one thing you would like to change in your life? Prioritize…
  2. What are the reasons for this change (how will your life be different)? List these down…
  3. What do you “need” to make it happen? Get these prepared….
  4. What are the baby steps needed to actually make it happen? Plan these in order…
  5. Who do you need to support you reach your goal? Arrange to connect with these people…
  6. When can you start? Schedule the time to take action on these steps…
  7. How can you make sure you commit to making the change? (Tip: read the reasons you listed daily)

Once you answer these questions, your brain already took the bait, Ha Ha!!…. 🙂

You are NOW prepared!! Call it the new “Life Math”…

Road is clear, wear that special mental set, & Blast Off!!

VabooooooM!! 🙂

Your Personal Coach



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