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Life Lessons I’ve learned…

I received a very inspiring email whose original author is unknown, but I believe it’s a compilation of statements reflecting some life lessons from multiple sources. They are words of wisdom and resonate so much with what I have learned over the years. I am sharing these here in to save others some time in learning things “the hard way”…. :


I’ve learned that in college, we learn lessons and then sit for exams. In life, we sit for exams then learn the lessons.

I’ve learned that a short conversation or dialogue with a wise person is equivalent to a whole month of education.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter where you are now. What’s more important is where you’re going.

I’ve learned that it’s better to be considered a turtle heading in the right direction than a deer galloping in the wrong path.

I’ve learned that the key to failure is the attempt to please every person one knows.

I’ve learned that it’s better to regret doing certain things than live in regret for not doing others.

I’ve learned that people forget how fast you accomplished your work, but will always remember the quality of what you do.

I’ve learned that a good height-hiker focuses on the destination and doesn’t look down at the distracting threats.

I’ve learned that some people swim towards the ship while others waste their time waiting for the ship to come near.

I’ve learned that it’s not over when one is defeated. It’s only over when one withdraws.

I’ve learned that the one who wins in the end is the one who has the ability to tolerate and endure.

I’ve learned that when you laugh, the world laughs back; and when you cry, you cry alone.

I’ve learned that there’s a difference between retreating and running away.

I’ve learned that it is the fruitful tree that people usually attack.

I’ve learned that the best feeling you can ever have is the sense of having done the right thing even if the whole world turned against you.

I’ve learned that all life’s great achievements started out as mere ideas with very modest beginnings.  

I’ve learned that a smile doesn’t cost anything, but the meaning it carries is priceless.



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