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Nourishing the Poet in Me

The old adage is true: “Whatever you focus on expands…” You keep thinking in negative terms and these surely become beefier and compound. You put the spotlight on one direction and it’s a sure way to discover the multi-paths to be there. A lot has been said about the effects of what you feed your mind with as steering your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I experience this all the time and have countless examples.

This philosophy is particularly interesting to me now as I found myself putting my “poet hat” on after reading some poetry lately. A precious friend of mine gave me a book of poems he authored some time back. I became engrossed and totally relished in reading each piece. I re-lived his moments of both joy and despair. That book – a simple gesture – flooded my mind with a whole barrage of whammed emotions and ideas. They stirred up a long forgotten poet residing in me. It was as if someone has pressed my “hot button” on. That book was a “sign”; and doesn’t the universe keep sending a myriad of these all the time!

I regressed back in seasons when I used to express myself in poems. How can the seeds not sprout this time? They were being re-fertilized and nourished. My mind was fed with super sensitivity, proper articulation, lots of metaphors, and with musical rhymes. I was compelled to express myself as he did (probably not as well, but it’s a good re-start). I am sharing a piece I wrote here as (maybe) part of the “forward” of my book – in progress – on “Coping with Realities”. I thank my friend for feeding my mind with things I have a potential for. I hope one day I similarly nourish the mind of my readers with means to better remain in control of their lives.

Here it goes:


 Life is so fascinating, so I thought when I was a child

Orchestrated around love, play, wonders, dreams and delight

Then, with time, things changed and complexity piled

I became all too cynical bewildered and resisting in plight


Told myself, don’t take flight, young lady, stand up right

There is more to it… at the end of the tunnel, there is light

You’ll comprehend how it goes one day, I promised

But gray areas were everywhere, there were no black or white


Till now, most apparent truths seem far from real

Life throws many ordeals that perplexity incite

Growth of wisdom and strength these conceal

It keeps getting better and better, at each I recite


As a child, little I understood about life’s technicalities

Days pass by, each bringing new thought provoking insight

Grew up to cope and deal with hard earned realities

As an adult, today, about these I am passionate to write 


Life is not meant to be fathomed by the best trained mind

My innocent hunch way younger, now I see just as right

Keep looking for the bright side and overcome being blind

It’s all about turning gold whatever you encounter at first sight

For me, that’s not a bad start. And who knows maybe that was just the beginning of yet another ride? 🙂

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