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On New Year’s Eve

I’ll be blunt and daring and express my dissatisfaction at how most people choose to spend New Year’s Eve. You may disagree, but I have my own – not so much shared – views on this one. I just can’t seem to understand the logic behind the competition as to where and how New Year’s Eve is spent. Why is it a “must” to have an extravagant arrangement for that specific night? 

 A friend of mine suggested it is the one night everybody needs to stay up late, dance, and have fun (referring to going crazy and drinking lots of alcohol); it would be ideal to hop from one place to another until it is breakfast time again. The longer the stay out, the more indicative it is of how well the night went by. To me, that was YIKESSSSSS!!! I’m not a night person; and staying up late is practically torture. Discussing the same issue with another friend, I found an argument strikingly different; albeit, much deeper. The latter noted that she doesn’t understand why all the festivity, the fireworks, and the hassle. We lost one year; what is there to be happy about?  

I wouldn’t want to compete about the outing, nor depress about a losing a year. It is a special night; a turning point, but do we really have to anticipate for a new year this way or that? To me, the ideal is to celebrate in a very different way. Give it the worth it deserves. I would much rather sit quietly in a fine candle-lit homey environment, good music in the background, and play a unique game. In my mind’s eye, I would like to scan the whole past year with all its appealing and dire events; re-live the nice important memories, learn the lessons from the not so fortunate ones, and then run a wild movie in my head about my aspirations for the coming year. No need to have a parade over food preparations, or a hassle about dressing up. I feel a need to reflect on the true meaning of this occasion; why is that we divert our attention? I would love to share my activity with others (sharing is caring), but would speculate that most would find it a lame game. Who would settle for such a surreal New Year’s Eve?

 To fit in, I therefore spare this mind game to an alternate night. For now, and at least for the past couple of years, I have succeeded in limiting the festive celebration to spending the night with those closest to my heart, in a home setting, and to casual means of entertainment. Definitely would not want it a wild night in clubs; definitely would not lament the loss of a year in my life. Wonder if I would succeed in bringing others to play the game if I attempt to next year. I’ll be giving it a shot; or will I remain alone on this? What do you think? 🙂

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  1. January 12, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I agree with you, people need an excuse to celebrate, a month is too short, a decade is too big, a year seams ok. It is mostly for commercializing stuff, new year, I am sure one could spend any other night with people close to them, or in going out and having fun.
    Meditating over the past year. I find it too late, better meditate day by day, although its better late than never.
    People need a reason to celebrate, its just a marker in the calendar that changes, there is no reason behind it, it’s just tradition.
    Personally I spent the night sleeping (slept at almost 11) because it seemed better to do so as I was tired


    • dddania
      January 12, 2010 at 3:45 pm

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Great insight again 🙂 That marker = a good reason 🙂 I am just hoping that tradition changes to become truely what that occasion deserves besides the usual stuff Tony. Very few people are continuously as reflective like you & I. Let them start somewhere at least. Yallah, spread the word with me. Let those reflections start at least on New Year’s Eve 🙂


  2. Rain
    February 9, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    New year was always the happiest day to celebrate, because, it means a new year came, a new white blank page empty and waiting for us to write again on it, it is like another chance to make things right…
    I always spent new year with my best friend, I didn’t care where we were or what we did, just the idea that I was with her saying goodbye to the year that passed and welcoming the new year was enough to me.
    And I have my own game too ^^ on each new year day I pray, than I think of the progress I made, and how much I changed, what I accomplished and what I did wrong, who I met, and who I said goodbye too, what happened with me and with others, I usually do that days before new year cuz it needs time, and I write about it.
    I put some goals to do, like this year resolution is to read 100 books, dance under the rain barefoot, learn something new (sports), do something outside my comfort zone ( challenge myself) … even if I don’t accomplish them, I will do my best to do it


    • dddania
      February 10, 2010 at 4:54 am

      How wonderful to know that you share my views on this one Reine. I am amazed by your depth & willingness to thrive forward. Keep being you Reine. You are so special and very few are like you 🙂 With an attitude like that, life just can’t beat you young lady 🙂
      Love you 🙂


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